Rclone for Business

Scratching your head?

Most rclone users find support and communicate through our forum. Which is totally free!

However, through our support contracts you can access private support from the creator of the software and his team.

Our support contracts also allow you to request custom branches/patches and consult us to introduce new features your company may desire as well as help with any technical hiccups you may have.

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Sponsoring rclone

By sponsoring us we can continue maintaining the project which allows us to adapt to changes by cloud providers, keep the software secure, add new features and providers, fix bugs and many more things!

If your business is benefiting from rclone existing then it makes sense to support a product that is now so crucial for so many cloud users and providers. Sponsoring us guarantees a healthy and reliable future for rclone.

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Or, if your business is cloud/hosting related then you may even want to advertise through us and reach your perfect target demographic.

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