About Rclone Services Ltd

I have been working on rclone since 2012 and its first stable release was way back in 2014. After selling my server hosting company back in 2020 I was finally able to pursue my true passion for coding and open source and make rclone my full time job.

Over the years I've had a lot of requests for support and sponsorship from businesses, universities, research labs and other organisations all over the world so it seemed natural to form a limited company to service these requirements.

Hence Rclone Services Ltd was born!

I have employed my son (Ed) who has been doing sales and account management for the past 5 years to help me with customer interactions so I can spend more time developing and delivering updates.

We’re now proud to say we offer support contracts and advertising deals to help small, medium and large organisation.

It feels great to be working for myself again with my family and delivering a product I love and hopefully you love too!

Nick Craig-Wood